A few of my favorite backpacking accessories. 

When we started backpacking two years ago we had a very small budget to work with. I did research on what items are the best bang for your buck. While these are not the best items out there, they work great for lower income camping.

I thought I would show off a few of my favorite items. So here we go!

– The sleeping pad

This is a self inflated pad that makes things a lot more comfortable. It is made by Coleman and I purchased it at Target in the $30 range. This was the first item I added to my backpacking collection. It comes in handy in most camping situations.

The image above shows the valve that lets you control the air flow. If you untighten the valve it allows the pad to fill with air. Once the pad is properly inflated all you need to do is tighten this valve and you are ready to sleep comfortably.  Below is an image of this product inflated.

Overall this pad is wonderful! However, we haven’t gone on extremely long hikes with this on our backs. I will say the weight is not great for backpacking long distances and we plan on upgrading to a lighter version soon.

– The pillow

This is another item that will make you trip more comfortable.

Just like the sleeping pad above, this pillow has a similar valve. The only difference is you will have to blow it up manually.

Again the weight of this item is not ideal for long distance backpacking situations. Unfortunately the majority of the higher end products out there can be a little pricey.

Nonetheless this one is still awesome! Wether you like a firm pillow or a plush One, this pillow has you covered. It is also the right size for a travel pillow case!

– Pocket stove w/ fuel

I picked this product up off of amazon for only 9 bucks. I have had it for around four years now and I love it!

This stove is leightweight and fits right in your pocket! I usually use a 4oz can of fuel which is more than enough to power this little stove for numerous uses. The stove features an igniter and a valve that allows you to control the fuel intake.

This is one of my favorite items that I have purchased over the years. The only thing that would make it better is decreasing the time it takes to bring water to a boil. While it only take about 20 minutes, there are stoves out there that are able to reach boiling point sooner.

– The sleeping bag

I saved my favorite item for last. This is a nature hike backpacking sleeping bag. This bag is lightweight but is made to keep you warm. My favorite feature is the ability to open it all the way an use it as a blanket when camping during warmer months.

The only downfall I could see is the size. It is extremely small. I am around 180lbs and it is very snug on me. There are other products out there that will give you more room. I picked this up on amazon for under 20 bucks and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
Well that’s all! I hope you found my information helpful.

If you have any questions about the products listed above please feel free to email me.


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