No Meat Meals!

There is a ton of information out there about different foods that are great for taking on the trail. During my searches however, I found it difficult to find information for vegetarian backpacking food.  So I decided to get a dehydrator and make my own meals! Above is an image of 3 days worth of food we frequently carry in our packs. (Note: we carry an extra protein bar and dinner just in case we get super hungry.)

I am always experimenting with new recipes to see what works and what doesn’t. I thought I would share some of this info to help other vegetarians tackle the trail in style.

We prepare for three meals for each day with dinner being the heaviest.  For breakfast we will usually pack oatmeal packets and some coffee or herbal tea. Lunch is usually something uncomplicated since I prefer not to pull the stove out mid day. We typically pack protein bars, dried fruit, and an energy booster. Dinner is always the best meal of the day. These meals are usually the ones I spend most of my time on during preparation. Below I have listed a couple of meals that we pack often.

One of my first recipes that I tried was a stew like recipe that is delicious and wallet friendly. Instead of most backpacking stews that include beef, I decided to substitute the meat with black beans.


  • 28oz can diced tomatoes
  • 15oz can veg-all
  • 15oz can black beans
  • cup quinoa

½- Chopped oion (optional)

This makes approximately 4 servings

Recently I decided to take one of our favorite vegetarian meals and experiment with dehydrating it. Those of you who are vegetarian may be familiar with Gardein products. We favor the Mandarin Orange “Chicken” meal on top of rice. I was not sure how the soy product would dehydrate and reconstitute but I am sure glad I tried it because it is delicious!

backpacking meals

The “chicken” does take on a more rugged texture depending on how long you boil it on the trail, but it doesn’t affect the flavor. We get two servings out of each Gardein pack.

Feel free to share your own personal backpacking meals and I will continue sharing our favorites so follow if you would like to see more. As always if you have any questions just ask!

-The Lazy Hiker



(Planning Stages) Linville Gorge



Currently I am in the process of finishing up the final details of our trip to the North Carolina mountains coming up in 3 weeks. We will be dropping the dogs off at my in-laws on 8-8-17 and heading west.

The Linivlle Gorge is known as a the Grand Cannon of the east. This massive wilderness area is located in Pisgah National Forest and is home to an immaculate trail system.

gorge 2


This will be the largest backpacking trip we have planned (Honestly i’m really excited!)

The first night and last night that we are there we will be staying in one of our favorite mountain destinations, The Pixie Inn.

Note: If you ever find yourself in Linville NC and you are looking for a place to stay on a budget, check out The Pixie Inn. No bells and whistles here just a simple room to spend the night. I don’t think you can beat 42 dollars a night.

On day two we will be heading into the Gorge. Overall we will be hiking for 3 days and camping 2 nights. The route we are choosing is indicated by a pink highlight in the image below.

gorge map

We will be hiking a total of 11.1 miles. (If you are wondering why we are taking 3 days to hike 11 miles then I will refer you to the name of my blog.)

Right now I am working on buying needed gear, prepping food and  mapping out our stops along the route. This trip has been on our bucket list for over a year now and it is going to feel amazing to check this one off.

I will have more updates as we get closer to 8/8. I also will  be making a post after our trip full of fun photos!

– The Lazy Hiker